Quality-mapping service


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Qlu-mapping is a unique service to measure the quality and coverage area of hearing loop systems according international IEC 60118-4 standard. After thorough calibration of the loop amplifier and seat-accurate testing of the hearing loop system we provide test reports with possible suggestions to enhance the operation, print induction loop coverage maps to the venue and publish the coverage maps in hereuhear.com hearing accessibility portal. 

Qlu-mapping starts with audio and hearing loop system calibration according to the manufacturers' specifications and international standard IEC 60118-4 to achieve the best possible audio quality that can be produced with the equipment installed in the premises.

After system calibration we will test the signal quality throughout the acoustic environment (room, hall etc.), write a test report and generate a quality map that illustrates the signal quality in different parts of the room with colour codes. A printed copy of this quality map should be shown at the premises and a copy published in Qlu's Internet portal hereUhear.com. Use of our Internet portal helps the hearing aid user find the best possible seats before visiting the venue (while reserving seats for example) or with a smartphone on the spot.


According the latest IEC 60118-4:2014 standard more accurate information should be provided to the hearing aid users in a prominent position close to each entrance of the area where induction an induction loop is installed. This information should include:

  • An induction loop sign (examples in the standard) of sufficient size to be easily read and constructed of durable material.
  • A plan* indicating the useful magnetic field volume should be placed beside the above- mentioned sign or incorporated in it. 
  • The name, or position, of the person responsible for the proper operation of the loop system and how to contact them.

*) Qlu provides the signage required as part the induction loop quality-mapping service.

We will provide the property owner with a map of any possible disturbance, like electric interference, in the measured space. The interference map will help the property owner to determine the cause of and correct any problems.

This is how it works

Qlu staff need to have access to the space to be measured and to the audio system and induction loop amplifier. The following information will help us shorten the visit on site:

  • measurements and shape of the space to be measured
  • building materials
  • manufacturer and model of the induction loop amplifier 

Measurement time depends on the size and shape of the space to be measured, but should take no more than a few hours. 

See Qlu-mapping in action: 

You can suggest a venue to be quality-mapped and we will contact the property owner for the measurement or