Hearing Link launched the Connect Hear NI campaign in Belfast

Connect Hear NI campaign launched in Belfast

Published on 08.11.2017

Connect Hear NI is a new initiative by Hearing Link in Northern Ireland that will support people living with hearing loss in their own communities.

Qlu has been awarded the rights to use The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark

Social Enterprise

Published on 23.10.2017

The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark communicates that the company has been established to promote a social goal and most of its profits are channelled to advancing social good.

Induction loop sound quality in a church

Induction loop sound quality in a church

Published on 12.11.2015

We recorded in Oulu Cathedral audio samples exactly from the same place with a high quality microphone and an induction loop listening device.

Devonshire Park Theatre is the first Qlu-mapped theatre in UK

Devonshire Park Theatre quality-mapped

Published on 14.10.2016

Devonshire Park Theatre became the first theatre in UK whose induction loop system is tested and quality-mapped according BS EN 60118:2015 induction loop standard by Qlu in September 2016.

The Finnish Parliament has approved the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but

Published on 06.03.2015

but final ratification will be postponed while the wording of Finnish legislation is rejigged. Finland is one of the last EU countries to ratify the pact. (YLE News 4.3.2015)